"It's the beginning of a new semester, full of potential that will surely go to waste."

1998. Meet Max (Gary Lundy, Donnie Darko), a college student who believes all of life's answers are in ANNIE HALL, including the futility of romance, but just as he realizes the film is ruining his life, he meets a young woman, Julie (Sara Downing, Hard Cash, "Dead Last"), who might be the modern Annie herself, and goes into a romantic tailspin.

  Meet Max's friends. There's Charles (Brian Klugman, Can't Hardly Wait, Baby Baby Baby), the thespian and Rat Pack wanna-be who has no trouble meeting girls yet still believes he's unlucky at love. There's Sam (Jay Paulson, Go), whose long-term relationship with his girlfriend Jen (Kathleen Rose Perkins, Skeleton Twins) is now held together mostly by emotional inertia. There's Amanda (Rini Bell, Ghost World), the sensitive Ani DiFranco fan who can't get through to theinscrutable Scott (Jason Risner). And finally there is Beth (Kim Murphy, "24"), Max's closest friend until a disastrous date ruins their friendship, possibly forever.

  Does the problem lie with Max and his friends, or is a 40-year-old movie about failed relationships really causing this 20-year-old's relationships to fail? And can Max really make it work with the beautiful girl who happens to be his radio show's only audience member without ANNIE HALL to guide him?

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