Village Voice
Nathan Lee: "This bittersweet riff is an anxiously auspicious debut.
Immensely appealing performances nail an exceptionally canny script."

New York Times
Matt Soller Zeitz:
"Burning Annie is a thoroughly professional
comedy: well paced, attractively photographed and smartly acted."

New York Magazine
Bilge Ebiri:
"[Critic's Pick] A surprising little charmer,
overcoming low-budget origins with sharp writing
and a genuinely sweet sensibility."

The Stranger [Seattle]
Andy Spletzer:
"Perhaps the best examination of self-aware college
ennui since [Noah Baumbach's] Kicking and Screaming.
Takes an intriguingly plastic approach to the script, transitioning between
flashbacks, monologues, and heartfelt romantic musings with genuine flair."

Next Projection
Daniel Tucker:
"Burning Annie is a thoughtful, humorous, and mature college coming-of-age tale. Flaunts its influences but carves its own place in the cinematic landscape, feeling wholly original and exciting. Contagiously energetic with snappy writing. A wonderful film that shows searing, passionate talent. 9/10"

True View Reviews
Mark Saldana:
"A sweet and funny romantic comedy that honors Woody Allen's film [Annie Hall], and has a fresh and creative wit of its own. The writing is sharp and witty in the comedy department, and sweet and poignant in the romantic moments. Cast members all offer exceptional performances. Gary Lundy is absolutely perfect."

Film Festival

  • Time Out New York
    by Andrew Johnston

    "The most entertaining narrative feature in competition was easily [BURNING ANNIE]"

  • CBS-Radio
    by Todd David Schwartz
    "A sharp, witty script that Woody himself would enjoy. Highest Rating: * * * * "

  • The Numbers
    by C.S. Strowbridge
    "A wonderful film. Recommended."

  • Bangin' Banana
    by Jesse Knight

    "Relentlessly funny from fade to fade, without a false note in between."

  • Independent Film Network
    by Robert Klein
    "Smart, funny, good acting. A great cast of characters."

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