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  BA will do one more theatrical showing, for our old friends at (filmmaker alma matter) Clark University. This special one-night-only event is for our 10-year alumni reunion, but it is open the public. We will sign DVDs after the show.
When: Saturday, May 13. 3pm.
Where: Razzo Theater, Traina Multimedia Center
Clark University (Worcester, MA.)
How much: Free!


  Brian Klugman is on "House" tonight! 9pm, Fox.


  Our own Jay Paulson will be in the series "Mad Men" on AMC this Thursday (8/16) at 10pm, and again on Thursday, 10/6! Set your Tivos to "stunned"!


  HAPPY 30th ANNIVERSARY to Annie Hall! Listen to the NPR story about it, featuring an interview with our own Zack Ordynans!


   Watch Brothers and Sisters tonight to catch Kim Murphy Zandell! 10pm, ABC.


  The website got an overdue facelift. Streamlined the front page, plus there is a new FAQ that addresses the questions we've been getting now that the movie is out. Updated the Press page with articles and made sure all the links work (the big media files seem to be wonky, but they'll be back ASAP). Several other pages got facelifts, too. Yay. Oh, and the Cinderella Story was updated, too.


  Big thanks to Clint Berquist and STIFF for hosting our DVD release party at Seattle's Central Cinema theater. A great time was had by all!


  Check out this great new review from the Seattle Stranger!


  Check out this article from Zack's hometown newspaper, about the origins of Burning Annie.


  DVD Release Party! On Thursday, March 29, STIFF is hosting BA's last theatrical screening ever! Two showings, 7pm and 9:30pm, at Central Cinema in Seattle. Q&As to follow both. More info.


  Holy shit! We're out on DVD today!

* * *

- Wal-Mart
- CD Universe
- Barnes & Noble
- Best Buy
- Circuit City
- Turner Classic Movies
- VideoCanada
- GreenCine
- TLA Video
- Movies Unlimited

  FAQ: Where do you recommend I buy the DVD? We encourage you to support old-school "brick and mortar" stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, or Barnes and Noble. Paradoxically, buying from their online stores supports them too.


  Check out the Warner Bros. official release flyer!


  Oh, I think I forgot to mention, we've had our own Netflix page for a while now (mysteriously), but now they've figured out we have a release date!


  A featurette from the upcoming DVD is now available on YouTube for your enjoyment and/or consternation. At long last, it is Zack & Bill's Scouting Tour of Clark (yes, that's Clark University, for all you alumni and Wormtown fans).


  Yikes! We just learned that the Saturday, Feb 10 show in already half SOLD OUT!! That's awesome, but we recommend you buy a ticket for another night if possible, if you want a good seat. All shows will have a Q&A with the filmmakers, so you don't miss anything but long lines.


N.Y.C. theatrical run!!

  The rumors are true! The Pioneer Theater in the East Village has booked BA for a theatrical run starting FEBRUARY 7. Get your tickets ASAP to guarantee a seat-- tix are first-come first-serve and already going fast.

  We've played NY-area film festivals before, and you wonderful supporters came out in droves, so you're probably like "Gee, I already saw it..." NOT TRUE! All our festival appearances were with an unfinished movie and using low-res digital projection-- The Pioneer is showing us in 24p HD and you haven't really seen it until you've seen it in full HD in its final cut with new score and finished color on the big screen. It's 10x the film that played festivals!


  Check out our own Jay Paulson in today's episode of Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip! Check him out in next Monday's episode, too, cuz it's a two-parter!


  Well, we're in the calm before the storm. The final work on the film is scheduled to begin in a few weeks, which will (gods willing!) allow us to fix the remaining technical glitches in the film and generate the deliverables for the distributor. Getting it done with the cash we have is going to take wringing blood from stones but it's looking tentatively possible. Still have several details to lock down, including where the $%#! can I get a cheap ProTools remix and just how exactly does closed-captioning fit in the workflow.

  If everything goes according to plan (schedule and budget!) then I should have a major announcement soon after that. _RM


  UPDATE-- Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news that the lion's share of the money has been raised (not quite all, though). The bad news is, the real work begins now-- negotiations with distributors, bidding from vendors, hours in the digital lab, cramming 20lbs of post-production shit into a 5lb. bag, etc.

  Still, should have another big progress report soon. Maybe after the weekend. _RM

5-26-06:   A message from writer/director/producer Randy Mack:

  Hello, and apologies for the long wait for new news. You are all wondering what is happening with the film, and why it isn't available on DVD yet. Well, here is the situation.

  Over 2005 and throughout this year, BA has received a number of offers of distribution ("a number"= 4-6, depending on if you count the really lousy ones). The best offer came from a company that ultimately proved fraudulent, and that was the only one that covered the cost of delivery. "Delivery" is the final stage of a film's life, the act of giving everything over the Distributor. Delivery includes both legal things like music clearances, contractually compliant credits, E&O insurance, and technical things like color correction to within NTSC parameters and of course handing over the physical master.

  Unfortunately, we cannot deliver the film because there is no money. We were hoping a distribution offer would cover the cost of delivery, but nobody is willing to do that. So, we are stuck with the expense. Simply put, it is either pay up, or nobody sees the film and there is no chance of making a nickel from it. The good news is, we have most of our ducks in a row; the bad news is that the remaining issues are the expensive ones.

  To deliver BA just for North American home video (which means on VHS, DVD, HD-DVD etc, via Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Netflix, Amazon, Best Buy, and countless stores both virtual and physical), we need to take out an E&O insurance policy (~$9 grand), clear the film's awesome music (~$15 grand), finalize the sound mix (~$5 grand), and do a final fix of the film's video, including credits & color (~$5 grand). That's ~$35 grand. I could maybe get it down to $30 grand or so, if vendors take pity on us.

  So, there is the answer to "Why isn't Burning Annie out on DVD yet?"

  The silver lining in this cloud is that we currently have two prominent home video distributors who love the film, to the degree they will give us a pittance for it (one has a very-low-five-figure advance, the other a mid-low-five-figure "minimum guarantee") but they will not pay for any delivery costs. They both say they'll wait for me to raise the money. And that's the situation as it stands. And why I'm posting this.

  We have opening title logos and presentation credits up for sale; just email me for details.

  yours in blood, sweat, and tears,

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