Burning Annie

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IFP's New Film Works

March 17, 2005 * Thursday * 7:30pm
SilverScreen Theater * Pacific Design Center
West Hollywood

About the New Film Works series

About the SilverScreen Theater

The official invitation

[ by Megan Dexter ]

After the movie, people mingle
by the open bar (sponsored by
Budweiser, Perrier, and Bombay Sapphire

Randy Mack and Kim Murphy
check out the BA soundtrack

Q&A-- Randy Mack answers questions
while u.p.m. Aaron Rattner sits in
moderator Julianna Brannum's chair

Randy Mack pontificates aimlessly
during the post-film Q&A

The Q&A continues after
somebody gets Julianna a chair.

The open bar reception
at the Pacific Design Center

Indie film types load up on free
booze and lollipops after the film

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