Take this simple quiz
and learn what sort of relationship you're in...

1.  Problem: For dinner, you want Italian, but s/he wants Chinese.  Solution:

Bicker endlessly, then give in.
Give in immediately.
Launch into a speech equal parts indignant and self-loathing, until they give in.
Unhappily compromise with Mexican.
No brainer-- separate restaurants.

2.  The thing you do most often with him/her is:

pine for different people
try not to look like you're staring
What are you implying by "with"?

3.  One of you is discovered sleeping on the couch. This is an indicator that:

Charles & Sara You’ve had a spat.
You're about to have a spat.
Somebody can't take a hint.
Somebody's been followed.
You're not going to be alone when you watch WWF Smackdown at 3am.

4.  In public, you stand

arm in arm
hand in hand
at a safe distance
safely out of sight
In public? Together?

5.  Your sex life is like:

cobras mating
naked female midget alligator mud wrestling
a roulette ball falling exhaustedly into a slot
a eunuch dry-humping a mannequin
Don't make me puke.

6.  If your relationship was a movie, it would be

Max & Beth What About Bob?
The Cable Guy
Bonnie and Clyde
Annie Hall

7.  Behind your back, your friends refer to you as:

"the original ball and chain"
"Regis and Kathy Lee" (also acceptable: "Hall & Oates")
"the moth and the flame"
"ol' tax and spend"
"arsenic and old lace"

8. What reality show do you watch together?

Who's Line Wants To Be a Millionaire Anyway?
Pay-Per-View: Phil Donahue vs. Dr. Phil [12 rounds with pool cues]
American Idol, celebrity edition
PBS presents: the Oral History of the Clinton Administration
The Making of: the E! True Hollywood Story: Behind the Music: "The Real Road Rules World"-- Highlights Show (Best Of): 5th Anniversary: Uncensored!

9.  If your relationship was a board game, it would be

Chutes and Ladders

10. When s/he enters the room, the feeling you get is

Max tension
What feeling?

11. When s/he leaves the room, the feeling you get is

What feeling?

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