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#1: "How can I see Burning Annie?"

 Burning Annie was distributed by Warner Bros. and LightYear Entertainment, but our deal has expired. While we set up another, the film is not available for sale, but in the meantime you can still rent it through Netflix physical.


#2: "Does it matter where I buy the DVD?"

Not at the moment.


#3: "Will BA be coming back to theaters?"

  We enjoyed a short theatrical engagement in New York City in February 2007, courtesy of the East Village's own Two Boots/Pioneer theater. While it was a great experience, there aren't any plans at the moment to return to commercial theaters.

  However, there still may be screenings. Our ten-year anniversary is coming up, and NONE of the many film festivals we played showed BA as a finished film (yes, all showings were work-in-progress). So we will try to have special festival screenings over the next year.

Also, we might have another special screening to celebrate our blu-ray release, and/or the release of the deluxe "Collector's Edition" (if that happens). Get on our newsletter for updates (see front page).


#4: "How can I, a regular Joe many miles away who is no relation to Mark Cuban, show my support?"

  Support us online! DoesnŐt cost a dime, makes a big difference.

     -- Leave a comment and vote us a high score at the IMDB.com.

     -- Leave a review and vote us lots of stars at Amazon.com. Amazon's scores and ratings are widely used as a resource by consumers and the media.

      -- Talk us up on the internet. Our facebook page is our social media hub, so Like us and join the conversation.


#5. "Do you have any BA merchandise?

  Yes sir or ma'am, we do-- visit the Burning Annie Store for loads of different t-shirts, stickers, jackets, hats, bags, buttons, coffee mugs, and tchotchkies galore.


#6. "Are you afraid Woody Allen will sue you?”

  Actually, Woody gave us his blessing to make the film, plus allowed us to use Annie Hall and its posters in the movie. What was the secret? We contacted him before the script was even finished, and waited him out over two and a half years. It pays to start early!


#7. “I haven’t seen Annie Hall in years (or ever), will I be able to understand your film?”

  It shouldn't be an issue, Annie Hall is just one of countless pop culture references littered throughout the film. If you don't get something, ask your nephew.

 Although the film is 40 years old, its impact continues to be felt. (Would there have been an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind without Annie Hall?) The film's relevancy is not just artistic, but a universal touchstone. Not a week goes by without a mention of the film in the media. Somebody is actually tracking AH references at the COMPLETE ANNIE HALL REFERENCE LOG.


#8. “That’s all great, but what about Burning Annie’s stars and Kevin Bacon?”

 Our friend Tom "Scott" Gibson did the research, and it turns out that everybody in the cast connects in just two steps...

 Kevin Bacon was in...

      ­ A Few Good Men with Noah Wyle, who was in Donnie Darko with Gary Lundy

      ­ Novocaine with Marcello Robinson, who was in Never Been Kissed with Sara Downing

      ­ Hollow Man with Elisabeth Shue, who was in City of Angels with Kim Murphy

      ­ Picture Perfect with Sean Patrick Thomas, who was in Can’t Hardly Wait with Brian Klugman

      ­ Picture Perfect with Jay Mohr, who was in Go with Jay Paulson

      ­ Stir of Echoes with Illeana Douglas, who was in Ghost World with Rini Bell

      ­ Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston, who was in Office Space with Todd Duffey

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